About Us

Since we spend so much time in our offices and work spaces, we set out to design objects that enhance our environment, objects that were unique, eye-catching yet soothingly natural. We wanted these humdrum accessories on our desks to enrich our experience.

Because the world’s passion for natural materials and aesthetics was on the upswing, we thought our products should reflect that. From this desire, the Iulia concept – minimalist design fashioned in natural and nature-friendly material – was precisely what we were looking for.

It was not difficult to decide on a brand name for our enterprise. It was inspired by the Iulia, an orange butterfly! The Iulia is at the top of the list of most aesthetic in the butterfly kingdom. With its out-of-the-ordinary features, it is exquisite, elegant, and memorable. While all butterflies represent freedom, change, and beauty, the uniqueness of the Iulia butterfly captured our hearts!

We admire nature, enjoy our natural surroundings and hope to appeal to those of you who feel the same. Of course, if you spend time in an office, you’ve learned to marry your appreciation of nature with respect for technology. We’re the same and put smart technology to work for us to realize our goals. It is a joy to witness the transformation of natural materials by carefully, gently applying technology, knowing that the aesthetic object emerging enriches our office and living spaces. Best of all, the final stage of our product is individually hand-finished with the utmost care.

Iulia products are highly favored and functional pieces on our desktops as we know they will be on yours! Welcome to Iulia.