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The shipping rates are below the table. Also, you can easily see the estimated shipping cost ofter adding the product cart! 

Only two voluminous products have different shipping rates, as can be seen below. Except for these two products, we ship free to ZONE A countries with 90 USD order. We ship free to ZONE B countries with 150 USD order.

In-stock products are generally processed within three business days. Customized products are processed within five business days.

We ship items either from the USA fulfillment center or Turkey up to stock availability.

We usually use fast shipping options and delivery times are 3-10 days.

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Zones Countries All  Products Bulky Items; 1-Entryway Organizer 2-Monitor Stand
ZONE A United States of America, Canada, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Monacco, Hungray,  Switzerland,Greece,Denmark

Flat Rate $9

Each Item $19
ZONE B United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Algeria, Morocco, Israil, Qatar, Kuwait, Lubnan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, South Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia,  Estonia, Finland, Greenland, Sweeden, Latvia, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania, Portuguese, Poland,Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania,Macedonia,Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Crotia, Moldova,Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zeland, China,  Flat Rate $15 Each Item $59